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IGmiddelkerke route

You can explore the most beautiful spots in Middelkerke thanks to the IGmiddelkerke route!

Mighty Middelkerke photographers have composed a bicycle route that passes by the spots where you can take the most beautiful pictures in Middelkerke. These range from the beach to the winding hinterland roads, to the monumental Beaufort artworks, to the WWII bunkers, to the picturesque landscapes of the hinterland. Everyone is invited to take photos along the route and share them on social media with #IGmiddelkerke.

The photographers of Machtig Middelkerke determined the route

The project Mighty Middelkerke is a project in which amateur photographers put photos they took in Middelkerke at the disposal of the municipal services. These photos will be included in municipal publications and promotional campaigns.

With a selection of these submissions, a bicycle route through Middelkerke was mapped out. The cycle route was 41.5 km long. If you don't feel like cycling such a big tour, it can be shortened to 30 km or even 26.5 km, without missing out on many beautiful places.

The Mighty Middelkerke photographers whose photos are included in the IGmiddelkerke route are Jos Thorrez, Eric Lefevere, Chloé Vandeweghe, Ludo Coulier, Patrick Bielen, Anne-Laure Proot, Johan Lambert, Luc Cassiman, Diane Coemans and Eric Roelen.




1,000 square metres of trampolines, a giant ball pool and a challenging play area for the little ones, combined with an inspiring coffee bar; that is Hangtime!

Besides the regular trampolines, there are a lot of extras: basket baskets, dodgeball trampolines, foampits,...

For the little ones there is a challenging play area, built by De Van Hut. This zone is not a pre-prepared bite in bright colours, but a place for discovery.

Fly yoga and bungee dancing will be added to the offerings.



Mary's Church Mystery

Panic in Ostend: James Ensor's most beautiful, most expensive, most extraordinary mask was stolen from his studio yesterday. We know the theft took place between 9pm and 11pm, but other than that we're in the dark... Who stole the mask? What devious method did the thief use? Where's the mask now? We are at our wit's end and need your help! Set off in Mariakerke and collect as many tips as possible to unravel the mystery. This mysterious treasure hunt is aimed at young people aged 10 and up.

The search is free and can be followed with a search form, which you can pick up for free at Toerisme Oostende or download at visitoostende.be, and a free app that shows you the right hints on location. The starting point of the Mystery of Mary is at the level of the Umbra artwork, on the Albert I Promenade.


Beaufort 21

The Beaufort Art Triennial has become a top event and the largest open-air exhibition in the country. 20 artists will realise 20 artworks spread over all coastal municipalities.

From 27 May to 7 November 2021, the Triennial of Contemporary Art will descend upon the sea for the seventh time.



Belgian Coast Greeters

Would you like to discover the hidden pearls and nice addresses of the Belgian coast? Then you should definitely book a tour with the Belgian Coast Greeters! The Belgian Coast Greeters are locals who help you discover the best of the coast in a unique way. And all this for free!

A Greeter is absolutely not a classical guide who gives you guided tours in museums or who takes you to the typical tourist traps. They lead you off the beaten path and let you discover the city through their eyes.

The Belgian Coast Greeters are active in the following coastal towns: Middelkerke-Westende, Blankenberge, De Haan-Wenduine, Ostend, De Panne, Koksijde-Oostduinkerke, Bredene and Knokke-Heist.

Please note: Groups of more than 6 people cannot take part in this tour and should contact the local Tourist Office for a guided tour.


Kwist podcast walking route

Kwist is a quest, a journey by the sea that you walk with your feet, but feel with your heart. Or vice versa. Brenda makes you pause in the surf and with your thoughts. Follow one of the routes through the webapp on your smartphone, past the places Brenda selected for you and through the exercises she whispers to you. We go out together, yet each in our own bubble. You set the pace, Brenda sets the route. You sniff the sea, Brenda whispers some thinking to you.

Trust the adventure and your senses. The voice of Brenda, an experienced coach, leads you into uncharted waters. You'll get audios, images, questions and stories and be pointed to all that beauty you might have missed, both out there and inside of you.

This route starts at the station of Oostende. Along the way you will receive inspiring exercises, stories and interesting trivia. Whether it takes you two hours or a whole day is up to you. You pause when you want, skip what you don't like, and repeat the exercises that get you what.


Address: Kwist podcast walking route Natiënkaai 18400 Ostend
Phone/Fax:+32 495 38 40 84
E-mail: brenda@coachingaanzee.be
Website: https://www.coachingaanzee.be


Standard price: €35,00
Additional pricing information: The route will cost you £35. You get access for a whole month, so you can step out when it suits you.


Tuk Tuk on the Coast

Unique in Middelkerke is the Tuk Tuk City Tour. A tuktuk is a motorized rickshaw in which passengers are transported. The Middelkerke tuktuk rides every day, weather permitting, from Middelkerke to Westende. Departure point is Place Epernay or by appointment.


Address: TukTuk aan de Kust Epernayplein8430 Middelkerke
Phone/Fax:+32 474 30 36 01
E-mail: info@tuktukaandekust.be
Website: https://www.tuktukaandekust.be/


Standard price: €5,00
Individual price: Children up to and including 8 years: € 2.50
Price for groups From 2 to 6 people: € 0,00 per group

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