1,000 square metres of trampolines, a giant ball pool and a challenging play area for the little ones, combined with an inspiring coffee bar; that is Hangtime!

Besides the regular trampolines, there are a lot of extras: basket baskets, dodgeball trampolines, foampits,...

For the little ones there is a challenging play area, built by De Van Hut. This zone is not a pre-prepared bite in bright colours, but a place for discovery.

Fly yoga and bungee dancing will be added to the offerings.



Mary's Church Mystery

Panic in Ostend: James Ensor's most beautiful, most expensive, most extraordinary mask was stolen from his studio yesterday. We know the theft took place between 9pm and 11pm, but other than that we're in the dark... Who stole the mask? What devious method did the thief use? Where's the mask now? We are at our wit's end and need your help! Set off in Mariakerke and collect as many tips as possible to unravel the mystery. This mysterious treasure hunt is aimed at young people aged 10 and up.

The search is free and can be followed with a search form, which you can pick up for free at Toerisme Oostende or download at visitoostende.be, and a free app that shows you the right hints on location. The starting point of the Mystery of Mary is at the level of the Umbra artwork, on the Albert I Promenade.



Geocaching in Middelkerke

Geocaching is fun for young and old. You can do it alone or together with the family. Tested and approved! The athletic department is upside down about it. Put on your hiking boots or take your bike and head out! Discover nice places and get to places you wouldn't really get to otherwise. Fun guaranteed!

Ready made sportive geocaching possibilities in Middelkerke

The sports department has put together a number of walking and/or cycling routes so that you can immediately set off without having to do much preparation yourself.

Along the routes are a number of caches waiting to be found. When you find the caches, please leave them in their exact location with respect for the environment and the person who designed them. Also, don't forget to complete the logbook each time and log the cache in the app. Each log ensures that the caches remain active. If there are goodies (coins, pictures, trinkets, ...) in the caches, then the rule is that if you take something out, you also put something of yourself back.

Don't forget a pencil and some small goodies.

There, you're all set! Have fun!



Top fit

Top Fit offers children hours of fun while parents enjoy a drink overlooking the indoor playground. There is also the possibility to organize fun and unforgettable children's parties!

Sea Shopping Centre Middelkerke Biezenstraat 22
8430 Middelkerke

Minigolf Westende

Fancy a game of miniature golf? Then this course in Westende will certainly charm you, with its 18 holes and extremely well-groomed look! A snack and a drink on the sun terrace are also part of the deal of course! And if the kids still have energy after a great day at the seaside, they can let off steam at the playground. Individual prices are at €5/person for adults, and €3 for children under 12. There are also discounts for groups.




Plopsaland De Panne: The most visited amusement park in Belgium!
More than 50 attractions and 10 themed zones!
Be sure to set aside enough time to discover the 50 magical themed attractions! Fly in two seconds from zero to ninety kilometres per hour on Anubis The Ride, tumble like a real pirate into the water on SuperSplash, climb like a tough Viking with Halvar the rocks of the Great Gulf, conquer as a courageous knight The Dragon from King Samson's Castle and live according to the daily rhythm of the gnomes in The Forest of Plop. The Wickieland theme zone enchants Wickie the Viking fans big and small. Are the weather conditions a bit bad? Then Maya the Bee takes you on an adventurous journey through the covered Mayaland, and you can enjoy the intoxicating live shows with all the Studio 100 artists in the comfort of your own home!
Also enjoy numerous live shows and enchanting events throughout the year!


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