Mary's Church Mystery

Panic in Ostend: James Ensor's most beautiful, most expensive, most extraordinary mask was stolen from his studio yesterday. We know the theft took place between 9pm and 11pm, but other than that we're in the dark... Who stole the mask? What devious method did the thief use? Where's the mask now? We are at our wit's end and need your help! Set off in Mariakerke and collect as many tips as possible to unravel the mystery. This mysterious treasure hunt is aimed at young people aged 10 and up.

The search is free and can be followed with a search form, which you can pick up for free at Toerisme Oostende or download at visitoostende.be, and a free app that shows you the right hints on location. The starting point of the Mystery of Mary is at the level of the Umbra artwork, on the Albert I Promenade.


Belgian Coast Greeters

Would you like to discover the hidden pearls and nice addresses of the Belgian coast? Then you should definitely book a tour with the Belgian Coast Greeters! The Belgian Coast Greeters are locals who help you discover the best of the coast in a unique way. And all this for free!

A Greeter is absolutely not a classical guide who gives you guided tours in museums or who takes you to the typical tourist traps. They lead you off the beaten path and let you discover the city through their eyes.

The Belgian Coast Greeters are active in the following coastal towns: Middelkerke-Westende, Blankenberge, De Haan-Wenduine, Ostend, De Panne, Koksijde-Oostduinkerke, Bredene and Knokke-Heist.

Please note: Groups of more than 6 people cannot take part in this tour and should contact the local Tourist Office for a guided tour.


Kwist podcast walking route

Kwist is a quest, a journey by the sea that you walk with your feet, but feel with your heart. Or vice versa. Brenda makes you pause in the surf and with your thoughts. Follow one of the routes through the webapp on your smartphone, past the places Brenda selected for you and through the exercises she whispers to you. We go out together, yet each in our own bubble. You set the pace, Brenda sets the route. You sniff the sea, Brenda whispers some thinking to you.

Trust the adventure and your senses. The voice of Brenda, an experienced coach, leads you into uncharted waters. You'll get audios, images, questions and stories and be pointed to all that beauty you might have missed, both out there and inside of you.

This route starts at the station of Oostende. Along the way you will receive inspiring exercises, stories and interesting trivia. Whether it takes you two hours or a whole day is up to you. You pause when you want, skip what you don't like, and repeat the exercises that get you what.


Address: Kwist podcast walking route Natiënkaai 18400 Ostend
Phone/Fax:+32 495 38 40 84
E-mail: brenda@coachingaanzee.be
Website: https://www.coachingaanzee.be


Standard price: €35,00
Additional pricing information: The route will cost you £35. You get access for a whole month, so you can step out when it suits you.


Marvin Gaye Midnight Love Tour

Marvin Gaye arrived in Ostend by boat on a cold winter morning in 1981. The penniless, cocaine-addicted singer has fled the US. This is the beginning of a fascinating story about Ostend, Marvin Gaye and how they influenced each other.

During the walking documentary Marvin Gaye 'Midnight Love Tour' you will learn all about his comeback and how the monster hit 'Sexual Healing' came about.

Besides his master's voice you will also hear Jan Hautekiet, Patrick De Witte, Freddie Cousaert, Jamie Lidell, Arno, and many others.

This digital walk is available for € 5.49 via Google Play Store and in the AppStore.


Ensor walk

To discover the close bond between James Ensor and Ostend not only between the walls of (two particularly impressive) museums, there is also an interactive walking app that starts at the James Ensor House and takes you along the artist's favourite places in the city. Thanks to an application you as a user will be able to accompany Ensor on a walk through his home town. Along the way he tells not only about himself, but also about his friends and the rich history of Ostend. Ensor also gives explanations about Ostend today: he refers to buildings that were not there during his lifetime and gives up to date instructions to the app user ('...at the perfumery we turn left'). You pass places that are closely related to Ensor and the Ostend art scene (e.g. Spilliaert's studio), but also monumental Ostend hotspots such as the Mariners' Monument or the Festive and Cultural Palace. The app is available in five languages (Dutch, French, German, English and Spanish) and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. You pay a one-time fee of $5.49 to unlock the full walk. When you visit The James Ensor House you get the walk for free.

Telephone:+32 59 41 89 00


Standard price: €5.49

You pay a one-time fee of $5.49 to unlock the full walk. When you visit The James Ensor House you get the walk for free.



Geocaching in Middelkerke

Geocaching is fun for young and old. You can do it alone or together with the family. Tested and approved! The athletic department is upside down about it. Put on your hiking boots or take your bike and head out! Discover nice places and get to places you wouldn't really get to otherwise. Fun guaranteed!

Ready made sportive geocaching possibilities in Middelkerke

The sports department has put together a number of walking and/or cycling routes so that you can immediately set off without having to do much preparation yourself.

Along the routes are a number of caches waiting to be found. When you find the caches, please leave them in their exact location with respect for the environment and the person who designed them. Also, don't forget to complete the logbook each time and log the cache in the app. Each log ensures that the caches remain active. If there are goodies (coins, pictures, trinkets, ...) in the caches, then the rule is that if you take something out, you also put something of yourself back.

Don't forget a pencil and some small goodies.

There, you're all set! Have fun!


sint-laureinsduinen_panorama_Kevin Henderickx

The dunes of Saint Laurent

The Sint-Laureinsduinen are a little more than 45 hectares and are situated between the centre of Westende-Bad and the military domain of Kwartier Lombardsijde. Many will remember the dunes from the former campsites Cosmos and Crystal Palace, two sub-areas that were cleared and remediated in 2005. Since the refurbishment, nature has had free rein again and you can enjoy it to the full from the newly laid out footpaths.

Steve Bauwens - Warandetoren 5

Warande Tower

With its long curved blades, referring to the typical marram grass, the Warande Tower is a striking and slender appearance. From the base (7 meters) you get a nice view of the Warande Dunes, a very valuable nature reserve with special plants and animals. Those who climb to the top (20 metres) can gaze, like a sailor in his crow's nest, at the horizon: Middelkerke and Westende, the vast polders, many Beaufort works of art and of course the sea...

The steel structure was built on top of the remains of the old water tower. It disappeared but not its original function. A large part of Middelkerke is still supplied with drinking water from here.

The construction of the Warande Tower is an initiative of the municipality of Middelkerke with the support of the Province of West-Flanders, Westtoer and Farys.

address: Louis Logierlaan 51, 8430 Middelkerke

The IJzermonding nature reserve

Near Nieuwpoort, the IJzer flows directly into the sea. Where salt and fresh water meet, a special biotope developed with mud flats, salt marshes, dunes, beach and polders. Thanks to an extensive network of cycling and hiking trails, you can start from Westende and enjoy the natural beauty of the IJzer estuary. Handy information panels tell you all about this wonderful nature reserve along the way. On certain days of the week you can take the ferry directly to Nieuwpoort Bad.

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