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Kwist podcast walking route

Kwist is a quest, a journey by the sea that you walk with your feet, but feel with your heart. Or vice versa. Brenda makes you pause in the surf and with your thoughts. Follow one of the routes through the webapp on your smartphone, past the places Brenda selected for you and through the exercises she whispers to you. We go out together, yet each in our own bubble. You set the pace, Brenda sets the route. You sniff the sea, Brenda whispers some thinking to you.

Trust the adventure and your senses. The voice of Brenda, an experienced coach, leads you into uncharted waters. You'll get audios, images, questions and stories and be pointed to all that beauty you might have missed, both out there and inside of you.

This route starts at the station of Oostende. Along the way you will receive inspiring exercises, stories and interesting trivia. Whether it takes you two hours or a whole day is up to you. You pause when you want, skip what you don't like, and repeat the exercises that get you what.


Address: Kwist podcast walking route Natiënkaai 18400 Ostend
Phone/Fax:+32 495 38 40 84


Standard price: €35,00
Additional pricing information: The route will cost you £35. You get access for a whole month, so you can step out when it suits you.

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