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Mountainbike route Norbert Dedeckere

A beautiful route of about 30 kilometres with technical single tracks, winding through the beautiful dune area of Middelkerke and Westende. This route joins the mountain bike network that Westtoer and Sport Vlaanderen are building along the coast.

Mountainbikers are asked not to leave the marked trail. The course runs through a protected nature reserve.

In 2020 mountainbike clubs De Zandfretters and MBC Choufkes have done a great job with many new kilometers of single tracks in the dunes of Westende, Lombardsijde and Middelkerke. We always strive to deliver safe tracks with respect for nature and other sports and hiking enthusiasts.

For the kids there is an 8 km loop in the fixed course, ideal for endurance, strength and technique training. The loop is located in Westende and Lombardsijde. Mum or dad should come along, because there are a number of crossing points which you shouldn't cross alone. Stay on the tracks and follow the arrows. When you leave the dunes at Henri Jasparlaan, cross over and follow the bicycle path to the left until P. Grossetilaan. There cross again and follow to the left. There you come back on the MTB track.

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