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Raversyde Provincial Domain

Provincial domain Raversyde consists of three parts:

  • Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum
  • ANNO 1465
  • The natural park


Walk through two World Wars in bunkers and trenches... The more than sixty bunkers, observation posts and artillery positions, connected by two kilometres of open or subterranean corridors, together form one of the best preserved parts of the German 'Atlantic Wall' defence line. It was built by the Germans during the Second World War from the French-Spanish border to Norway. On the domain you will also find the only preserved German coastal battery from the First World War. You can also discover the Pavilion where Prince Charles stayed until his death in 1983.

ANNO 1465

A medieval fishing village revives after 500 years... Step into the life of the 15th century fishermen families of Walraversijde. Three houses and a bakery were rebuilt with bricks excavated on site. All present household goods and objects are true replicas. The voices of the medieval inhabitants guide the visitors through this unique site via the audio guide. In the museum you will find the original excavated objects and the life of the inhabitants is explained.

Nature Park

50 hectares of unique nature experience at the coast... Raversyde is a unique piece of nature at our coast. The domain is partly situated in a protected dune area and with an area of almost 50 hectares it offers visitors a beautiful setting to discover on foot.

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