Fort Napoleon

Fort Napoleon was the setting for hundreds of years of history. The French were afraid to wait for the English, German soldiers used the impenetrable pentagon as a buffer against the Allies and Ostend rascals made their first love there. Few can still tell the story, but the broad walls of Fort Napoleon, which were silent witnesses to every laugh, tear and kiss in the fort. Time to let them speak in a completely renewed exhibition. Whispering, actually.

Discover the brand new story trail along the history of the fortress. Each time with the idea: "What if the walls could talk?" If you stand close enough to the immense stone walls, you will hear familiar and less familiar voices recounting what went on here. Bakers whose flour was stolen so soldiers could go to the girls of pleasure. The chilly misery of winters at the fort. Or the sneaky dates of our own Easterners. The light projections around the listening points make for the perfect Instagram photo. For children there is an adapted tour. Listening, whispering, enjoying the peace and amazed at the impressive architecture of the monument.

Fort Napoleon is easily accessible via the free ferry service or public transport. Parking is also provided. Afterwards, you can always visit the many new shops and eating places in Oosteroever. Enjoy the beautiful street art of The Crystal Ship or take a breath of fresh air on the beach. But don't forget to tell your own stories at the walls of the fortress. Who knows, maybe one day they'll whisper it.


Coastal histories

The museum 'Kusthistories' is highly recommended. You step into the history of coastal tourism on the Belgian coast. Today, holidays on the coast are commonplace. It was different once. Old swimwear, souvenirs, an old tram, 'bum carts', unique films, beautiful scenery, and much more.

Raversijde & Atlantic Wall

This part of the old defence line, which the Germans built to protect the mainland against invasion, has been well preserved in the dunes of Raversijde. Visit these fortifications from the first and second world wars.

Villa Les Zéphyrs

At Villa Les Zéphyrs you will discover how a wealthy family spent its holidays by the sea around 1930. The villa dates from 1922. The building was refurbished according to the detailed description of the first occupants. By means of all kinds of utensils, photographs, depicted scenes and modern multimedia applications, the time of yesteryear is brought back to life in the unique historical setting.



Westfront is a brand new interactive centre in Nieuwpoort, with the flooding of the Ijzervlakte during WWI as its central theme. Given its proximity to the Ganzenpoot - crucial in the course of the First World War - the lock complex plays a central role in the story. The visitor centre opens with the invasion of the German troops in August 1914 and ends with the reconstruction of the coastal town of Nieuwpoort.

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