Beaufort 21

The Beaufort Art Triennial has become a top event and the largest open-air exhibition in the country. 20 artists will realise 20 artworks spread over all coastal municipalities.

From 27 May to 7 November 2021, the Triennial of Contemporary Art will descend upon the sea for the seventh time.

Steve Bauwens - Warandetoren 5

Warande Tower

With its long curved blades, referring to the typical marram grass, the Warande Tower is a striking and slender appearance. From the base (7 meters) you get a nice view of the Warande Dunes, a very valuable nature reserve with special plants and animals. Those who climb to the top (20 metres) can gaze, like a sailor in his crow's nest, at the horizon: Middelkerke and Westende, the vast polders, many Beaufort works of art and of course the sea...

The steel structure was built on top of the remains of the old water tower. It disappeared but not its original function. A large part of Middelkerke is still supplied with drinking water from here.

The construction of the Warande Tower is an initiative of the municipality of Middelkerke with the support of the Province of West-Flanders, Westtoer and Farys.

address: Louis Logierlaan 51, 8430 Middelkerke

Heritage walk Westende

The 4 km route takes you along the many witnesses of Westende's fashionable past. Via the Zeedijk you will discover the majestic Grand Hôtel Belle-Vue. Besides historic sights, the walking route also passes several modern works of art including 'The Caterpillar #5bis' by Wim Delvoye. Via quiet footpaths through the Warande Gardens you return to the center of Westende.

Distance: 4,00km
Relief: Flat
Shape: Loop-shaped One way
Type of route: Town or heritage walk




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Walk Westende - Middelkerke

Cartoon characters, beautiful nature and a sculpture park with sea view. In Middelkerke and Westende there's a lot to discover during this hike. You also walk to Raversyde.

And the nice thing is that with the images on Google Streetview you can already get a first glimpse of what you will see along the way.

Distance: 16,50km

Relief: Flat

Ground: Largely paved

Shape: Looped both ways

Type of route: Junction route

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